The Working Memory Institute (WMI) is a leading provider of practical and helpful memory education services, for individuals and organisations, which aims to improve everyday memory and communication by using Associate Cognitive Recall (ACR) techniques.

Associative Cognitive Recall (ACR)

Associative Cognitive Recall (ACR) is a model of how the memory works. The model was develop by Rowena Harding-Smith (who is also the founder of WMI) by drawing together current research in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience using functional modalities such as fMRI and PET scanning, and from research into education and training, about the ways in which we learn and recall information.

The model is an innovative educational interpretation of existing research. It is simple and effective. It has not been done before. It is a functional and practical educational model to assist people to learn and remember effectively. The model will change in response to new  research. A university scholarship has been provided by WMI to researchers into memory to ensure that the model remains up to date and effective.

You are your memory. Once you understand how your brain works most effectively stress levels are reduced and communication across all areas is improved.

The most impressive individuals in our community are those who can remember facts, names, times, dates and critical information easily and without paper or electronic prompts.

A good memory gives confidence and serves to reduce stress. A poor memory undermines your confidence and reduces others confidence in you.

The areas in which the ACR model is most effective are:

  • Improving communication between people
  • Improving work performance
  • Assisting people to remember important information
  • Improving prospective memory for everyday events
  • Improving recall of everyday events
  • Restoring everyday memory following periods of stress, sickness, and new parenthood
  • Assisting the ability to study effectively
  • Assisting people to retrain after being out of the workforce
  • Assisting people to deal with workplace change

What ACR and WMI cannot do:

It cannot prevent or slow the progress of Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Your Local GP is the best person to help you with these conditions.