Ever thought of doing Tai Chi or the Tango?

All exercise in moderation is beneficial however exercises such as Tai Chi or Tango dancing incorporate the complex movements necessary to stimulate your Procedural Long-Term Memory.

Doing Tai Chi or the Tango is as good for the Procedural Long-term Memory as doing crosswords is for the Semantic Long-term Memory.

People who do not get enough exercise or who do not move their body enough often complain of:

  • feeling stressed
  • having trouble remembering complex sequences at work
  • forgetting how to operate equipment
  • being disorganised

Exercising for a short time if you are procrastinating – just focusing on your body – can improve writer’s block and study blocks and your problem solving abilities.

Associative Cognitive Recall (ACR) will help you understand why exercise is important to brain function and how doing exercise can improve your memory.

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