Fun is essential to any life

The psychologist, William Glasser, includes fun into his hierarchy of basic needs, as being as important as survival needs, love and belonging needs, freedom, and control (Choice Theory). He believes that without fun we are not leading a balanced life and will feel stressed and unhappy.

Australians work hard and have long work hours. In our fast-paced community everybody is time poor and fun is often forgotten or neglected. Fun is a basic adult need and without any fun, stress builds to unacceptable levels with no way to dissipate the tension. Too much stress has damaging effects on the memory.

Current research indicates that the ability to have fun and to make time to have fun is directly related to brain plasticity. If you are not having fun your thinking becomes more rigid and problem solving becomes more difficult. Keep your brain plastic by taking a small time each day to play.

People whose lives are lacking in fun often complain about memory problems such as:

  • being easily distracted
  • difficulty concentrating
  • difficulty multi-tasking
  • thinking more slowly

Associative Cognitive Recall (ACR) will help you understand why fun is important to brain function and how having fun can improve your memory.

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