baby brain

Feeling forgetful and disorganised…you’re not alone

After giving birth some women complain of being forgetful and disorganised.  People who have “baby brain” complain of things like -

  • forgetting names, appointment times and dates
  • forgetting where you left the baby
  • forgetting where you left the car or the mobile phone or the keys
  • not remembering to finish dressing before leaving the house
  • poor focus – becoming easily distracted
  • difficulty concentrating
  • difficulty multi-tasking
  • taking longer to finish things
  • thinking more slowly
  • becoming distracted in the middle of a sentence: forgetting what you were saying

Even though we love babies, baby rearing is both exhausting and a huge responsibility. It is likely that poor memory is the result of lack of sleep, lack of intellectual stimulation, lack of fun, heightened stress and, for some women, post-natal or reactive depression.

The good news is that there is research to suggest that being pregnant and giving birth may result in a better memory and that “baby-brain” is the transition period between your pre-pregnancy memory and your new improved memory.

Dr Craig Kinsley, of Richmond University in Virginia (2009) believes having a baby produces a surge of memory and learning ability that makes women more vigilant and alert. Hormonal fluctuations during birth and breastfeeding increase the size of cells in some areas of the brain, leading to dramatic improvements in mental capacity.

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