Achieve sustainable peak performance from employees

Every company needs optimum performance from its employees to maintain a competitive advantage.

Peak performance means keeping all the balls in the air at once: being able to remember all the details of a job and maintain the correct sequence of those details, knowing who the job is for, when the deadline is due and how the job needs to be done most efficiently.

Being organised, being productive and maintaining a positive outlook are essential skills for peak performance. A good memory is essential to organisation and productivity, even with electronic and paper support systems, if you don’t have a good memory you will not be efficient.

Most employees are not peaking. Most feel over-worked, stressed and doubtful of their ability to cope. Effective work-place practices can break down due to communication failure when employees are faced with change or tight deadlines.

You can improve overall corporate efficiency and productivity by applying Associate Cognitive Recall (ACR) techniques in your workplace. Improve problem solving abilities, create smoother change, improve communication, and improve job knowledge with ACR.

ACR is a model of how the memory works developed from current research.

You can improve workplace relations, corporate communications and manage change more effectively with ACR.

Corporate training days

Improve workplace relations, corporate communications, productivity and manage change more effectively with ACR.

Half day course
ACR: How your memory works

Full day course
(am), Workplace efficiency, ACR applied (pm)

2 day course
Day 1 ACR
(am), Workplace efficiency, ACR applied (pm)
Day 2: ACR(am),Corporate communications, stress management in a time of change (pm)

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