Everybody forgets and feels the frustration of forgetting

Forget where you put your keys? Lost your car in the car park? Forgotten that appointment you needed to go to?  Don’t panic! There is help.

Middle-aged and older people often complain of mind fog, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating. Young adults often complain of having too much to do and being over stretched – multi-tasking with unrealistic work deadlines, the need to manage young children and the tiredness of pregnancy. Students worry about making the grade. They feel stressed and can feel they are no longer coping with school demands. Some even need to work part-time as well.

Everybody forgets and feels the frustration of forgetting. The cause of forgetfulness is usually stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, too much multi-tasking, not enough fun, and not being in control of your life – being responsive to other people’s demands and needs instead of your own.

ACR is a model of how the memory works developed from current research. Associative Cognitive Recall (ACR) can give you insight into how your brain and memory function most effectively. You can reduce those embarrassing periods of forgetfulness by taking charge of your memory.

Knowing that you can rely on your memory will provide you with increased confidence, improved self-esteem, better grades, and improved work performance.

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Please note: The Working Memory Institute cannot stop the progress of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If you continue to be worried about dementia, put your mind at rest and visit your local medical practitioner for a full physical examination.