Learn how to learn

Applying for a new type of job? Feeling anxious about learning new skills? Needing to keep up with new technology?

Relax! Learn how to learn. Reduce study time. Improve your memory with Associative Cognitive Recall (ACR). Retraining is easier if you know how you learn and remember.

Adults learn differently to children – they learn faster because they are motivated and goal-oriented. The methods that you used at school to help you learn and remember may not be the most effective methods to help you now that you are an adult.

There are at least 24 effective and different methods of effective learning. Some are better suited to you than others. By using the most effective methods (ACR) for your brain you can reduce time spent trying to absorb new information and more easily learn those new skills.

Improve your memory with ACR and discover how to learn. ACR is a model of how the memory works developed from current research.

Psychometric testing

Applying for your dream job can involve psychometric testing. This form of testing can be confusing because it is unlike other forms of educational testing. Unless you have done it before it will feel unfamiliar and confusing.

You can improve your scores by becoming familiar with tests of short-term memory, visual perception and abstract reasoning.

The Working Memory Institute can explain these types of tests to you and help you become familiar with their format.

We offer…

Individual tuition in memory and study skills

Individualised memory testing tuition to determine your memory strengths
A memory program designed to support your retraining needs
Individualised up-skilling tuition including familiarisation in psychometric testing
8 hours over 6 weeks

Small group tuition (max 10) in memory and study skills

A tailored memory program to support targeted study and re-skilling programs
8 hours over 4 weeks

Individual tuition in communication skills and memory

Individual tuition in business writing and communication skills

Corporate training days

We provide courses to improve workplace relations, corporate communications and manage change more effectively with ACR.  For more information see corporate training days.

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